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Laura's Loft || Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot || Size 4 ONLY

Laura's Loft || Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot || Size 4 ONLY

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A treatment boot from Woof Wear!

     This Medical Hoof Boot eliminates the need to wrap a hoof with cohesive bandages and tape. It saves you time and money as it keeps wounds clean and dressings or poultices in place. Made of neoprene for a close and comfortable fit, it provides the protection required during injury and wound rehabilitation.

     This treatment boot is also the perfect aid for the treatment of hoof abscesses, punctured or bruised soles. It is durable and reusable, with a Kevlar® interior for added longevity. A unique diagonal zipper further enhances the uniquely close fit that keeps out debris and prevents the zipper from opening accidentally. While not designed for riding, this treatment boot can be used on horses with or without shoes, is suitable for stable use and can be worn in relatively flat turnout areas by sensible horses. A tread on the sole offers grip.

NOTE: if your horse is inclined to overreach or stands on its own hooves, place a bell boot over the Medical Hoof Boot to protect both your horse and the boot from damage.

     - Keeps Wounds and Dressings Clean
     - For Stable or Turn Out
     - Easy to Fit
     - 1 Boot

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