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Equinavia || Valkyrie Fancy Stitched Bridle || Cob Sized Only

Equinavia || Valkyrie Fancy Stitched Bridle || Cob Sized Only

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The perfect bridle for the hunter ring!

    A beautiful rich chocolate brown bridle in the Valkyrie Traditional Hunter Collection.

    It has a single crown design with padding only against the horse's sensitive poll. The crown is also about a quarter inch wider than a traditional crown piece. This helps disperse pressure over a large area of the poll for greater horse comfort. For further comfort, the French cavesson is padded, raised and fancy stitched for a traditional hunter ring ready look. The browband is padded and fancy stitched. It is a durable bridle with stainless steel hardware and hook stud closures throughout. Laced reins with raised fancy stitched front are included. Matching accessories are also available.

     - Uni-Crown Design
     - Padded Cavesson
     - Fancy Stitching
     - Reins Included

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