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Vac's || V7 No Bow Bandages

Vac's || V7 No Bow Bandages

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Our best selling no bows!

     Vac's No Bow Leg Wraps – the Most Popular Equestrian Leg Wrap on the Market! Vac's created and designed this foam center leg wrap over 25 years ago and gave it the name "No Bow Wrap". Its popularity continues today. Both sides are super soft absorbent fleece fabric with a center of dense sponge-like foam. Vac's exclusive stitching keeps the foam from bunching up. This soft pliable leg wrap contours to leg for a custom-like fit that does not slip. Designed exclusively to fit under Vac's Standing Bandages for stall or shipping support. 

     - Sold in Pairs
     - Dense Sponge-like Foam
     - Soft and Pliable
     - Contours to Legs

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