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Laura's Loft || Rambo Ionic Wraps || Horse Size ONLY

Laura's Loft || Rambo Ionic Wraps || Horse Size ONLY

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Improve circulation in your horses legs while bandaging!

     Harnessing the power of fabric technology and nature, the lining of the poly pad insert print incorporates a polka-dot screen print of a powerful crystal called Tourmaline. Tourmaline releases negative ions, which cause a change in the water in the horse's body, increasing blood flow, with particular benefits to the muscles. Greater blood flow increases oxygen levels to the muscles, which also helps clear toxins from the body. Other benefits of Ionic technology include metabolism stimulation, immune system strengthening, pH balance restoration and reduced blood pressure, making this a truly exceptional multi-beneficial rug for any horse owner!

     - Durable and Tough
     - Molds to Legs
     - Increased Circulation
     - Bandages not included
     - Pair of 2
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