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Arma SupaFleece Contour Girth

Arma SupaFleece Contour Girth

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     The ARMA SupaFleece contour girth offers high comfort in a supportive, unrestrictive girth. Deep ProComfort SupaFleece increases airflow, relieves pressure and controls moisture. Anatomic contour shaping provides unrestricted movement around the elbows and increased support under the belly. Flexible, stretch resistant and wipe clean backing, reinforced with non-stretch nylon webbing. Pressure alleviating elastic inserts at both ends. Stainless steel roller buckles and fittings for long lasting performance.


    • Low Friction
    • Reduce Risk of Galls
    • Cushioned Shock Absorbance
    • Super Soft Supafleece Lined
    • Stainless Steel Roller Buckles
    • Have any questions? Give us a call at: ‎ ‎ (802) 457-4677  
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