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Rambo® Optimo Turnout Outer Shell

Rambo® Optimo Turnout Outer Shell

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The Rambo® Optimo Turnout Outer Only (0g Light) offers total freedom of movement for your bigger-built horse through a unique combination of innovative design details.

The Optimo's Articulated Pivotal Dart ensures the turnout follows your horse's movements without restriction. Placed above and behind the shoulder, this dart detail makes a huge difference, allowing for natural movement while keeping the turnout in position without pulling forward or slipping. This shoulder freedom is echoed by our Surefit Neck Design with V-Front Closure system and dual leg arches to allow for exuberance and play time because we believe horses should be able to be horses during their field time while maintaining maximum coverage at all times.

Featuring a robust 1000D Ballistic Nylon waterproof and breathable outer, this lightweight turnout is also compatible with our range of Optimo Liners, giving you multiple layering options. An anti-static, anti-bacterial and shine-enhancing lining and PVC wipe clean tail cord keep your horse's skin happy and healthy, and our Rambo® three-year guarantee on waterproofness, breathability, and hardware keeps you satisfied.

Comes in a reusable protective 'Bag for Life' for practical blanket storage!

*As the Rambo® Optimo Turnout Outer is built for a larger horse, we recommend sizing down.


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