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Micklem® || Competition Bridle

Micklem® || Competition Bridle

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A favorite bridle among eventers!

Our Horseware Micklem® 2 Competition Bridle with Rubber Reins is an all-in-one solution to superior anatomical comfort, experience and performance. The Horseware Micklem® 2 Bridle eliminates discomfort caused by nerve pressure around the sensitive poll and ear area. With its intelligent arrangement, it prevents concerns over internal mouth damage and associated discomfort and pain due to unnecessary tongue pressure.It has been created with an eco vegetable tanned leather which makes it soft and supple and has a very luxurious look.

This unique bridle design continues to alleviate pressure on facial nerves to eliminate any risk of pain and numbness in the lower half of your horse's face. At the same time, the noseband ensures there is no discomfort or breathing restriction, which can be associated with low fitting dropped nosebands. The accompanying Micklem® Rubber Reins are styled in the same quality leather with a blended rubber design offering exceptional grip, even in wet weather.

A stunning bridle and reins combination that you and your horse will both love!

     - Anatomical
     -Eco Vegetable Leather
     - High Quality
     - Rubber Grip Reins Included

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