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Rambo® Micklem® || Bit Clips || Set of 4

Rambo® Micklem® || Bit Clips || Set of 4

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The perfect girth for any saddle!

     Part of the Horseware® commitment is offering horse owners the best in value and customer service, which is why the Rambo® Micklem® Bit Clip comes in a set of four replacement tongue protection clips for your anatomical Rambo® Micklem® Bridle.

     These clips are designed as part of a unique tongue protection system which relieves the pressure on the tongue, distributes it away from the horse's mouth and helps keep the bit steadier.

Handy to keep as spares in the tack room for your comfort bridle or as instant replacements for lost bit clips.

     - Durable Replacement Clips
     -Helps Steady the Bit
     - Relieves Tongue Pressure

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