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Velociti || Lusso Hunter Bridle

Velociti || Lusso Hunter Bridle

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Traditionally styled and with ergonomic technology, the Velociti LUSSO hunter cavesson bridle offers both comfort and smart style. Tech details: FreedomFit headpiece designed to relieve pressure; the 3-part form fitting crown has an airflow poll gap and cutaway freedom-ear profile. Soft leather is combined with generous, anti-shock padding at the headpiece. Elegant profile due to the sleek, angled throatlatch. Designed with sensitivity and precision engineered, Velociti's Pro Series Luxe LUSSO bridle work is the perfect partner for the next level equestrian. Leatherwork is carefully crafted in selected European leather for beautifully supple, reliable bridle work that features the latest design advancements and reassuring comfort for your horse.


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