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Arma Suede Jump Saddle Pad

Arma Suede Jump Saddle Pad

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Stand out in these soft pads!

    The Arma Suede Jump Pad is hardy and easy to care for making it a great pad for everyday use. Lined with WickAway Stay Dry lining it actively moves moisture away from the skin which helps prevent rubbing and discomfort for the horse. The contoured shape makes this pad a great fit under all types of jump saddles, including ones with more forward flaps. The suede top adds an extra element of elegance with its soft touch and fine look.


  • WickAway Stay Dry lining
  • Wide and vibrant color range
  • Hardwearing girth guard
  • Elastic, touch close, D Ring retaining straps
  • Contoured Shape
  • Machine washable


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