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Rambo Micklem® Halter

Rambo Micklem® Halter

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A beautiful and more comfortable halter!

    Incorporating a comfort-led anatomical design, the Rambo Micklem® Halter offers the ultimate satisfaction in quality and performance. Both eco-friendly and is made from vegetable tanned leather. This halter takes inspiration from the innovative and best-selling Micklem® Bridle design to present the ultimate comfort experience for your horse, whether handling or travelling.

    This stunning leather halter incorporates discrete, durable elasticated sections within the headpiece for enhanced safety when tying up. Should your horse suddenly pull back, the elasticated sections allow for greater give than traditional leather halters without compromising security, helping to safeguard the poll while retaining pressure, deterring horses from pulling back. The distinctive Micklem® Bridle shape avoids the sensitive areas of the head with adjustable brass buckles on both sides of the headpiece and under the chin area to allow for a bespoke fit. A premium halter you can save for show days or use as a fantastic addition for your horse’s everyday wearing pleasure!


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