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Latex Bandage

Latex Bandage

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  Introducing Equiglow Latex Bandage – Your Ultimate Multi-Use Self-Seal Waterproof latex bandage. The No.1 choice on the market! Easy Customization for Your horse Equiglow bandage not only is easy to apply, but it also allows you to customize as required. Tailor your ride to your rules effortlessly.



Easy to apply. Strong, durable and buildable. Allowing you to customize the perfect thickness desired for your horse. Like we say your ride your rules! 

Smooth, warm, soft texture ensures maximum comfort without interfering with your bit's action. Making it a perfect choice for a sensitive mouth.

Encourages mouthing for the fussy horse.    

See our tutorials for more about bit wrapping


Use on nosebands, headpieces, girths, reins, stirrup leathers, head collars and more for added comfort and grip.

Self-seal technology leaves no residue, making it suitable for almost anything application.

The soft, smooth material Helps relieve pressure to the most sensitive areas.

Our team tip: Riding in the rain applies for maximum grip on reins – your ride, your rules!


Some say old fashioned, we say traditional meets modern day. With our waterproof, self seal material you can keep your horse's legs protected without adding weight.

Ideal for hunting - no more worries about wet and muddy conditions loosing boots and bandages

Lightweight and waterproof allowing for race wet track use with no absorption. 

Say goodbye to washing dirty boots and bandages at the end of the day – it's a win-win!

Choose Equiglow Latex Bandage – the epitome of comfort, durability, and versatility for both you and your horse. Your ride, your rules, made better with Equiglow. For tips on how to use latex bandage simply scan the QR code on the box. 


    Self Adhesive

    Multi Use


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