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Dragonfly Rein Attachments

Dragonfly Rein Attachments

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A great tool for beginner riders!

    The Dragonfly rein attachments encourage softness through the mouth by keeping the bit level and in a central, balanced position. Pressure on the bit becomes more even, which in turn increases comfort and calmness.

    The Dragonfly rein attachment can encourage the horse to work into the correct outline, reduce head tossing, maintain straightness and prevent the bit being pulled through the mouth. This is an ideal training aid gaining greater control without the use of force or stronger bits.

    To use the Dragonfly reins attachment, attach the trigger clips to the bit rings and fasten the rings onto the trigger clip rings.

     - Encourages softness
     - Helps keep bit level
     - Easy to use
     - Easy to put on

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