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Curicyn || Original Formula Wound Treatment || 2 oz Spray

Curicyn || Original Formula Wound Treatment || 2 oz Spray

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A show pad designed to keep your horse cool!

   Whether your injured one neighs, barks, purrs, brays, bleats, moos, oinks, hisses or clucks, Curicyn's Original Formula helps heal the injury or skin problem faster and more effectively, allowing healing with little to no scarring. This one topical treatment in your barn or home gives you a solution for virtually anything that ails the skin, and it's proven effective on any animal, including equines, canines, felines, birds, all livestock, reptiles, and little fur-balls like rabbits and guinea pigs. Original Formula can be used on any external area, including eyes, ears, nose, etc., and it doesn't stain, burn, itch or create any sensitivity to the animal when applied.

     - Safe and Effective on all animals
     - Good for external use including eyes, ears, and nose, etc.
     - Gentle Yet Effective
     - Treats a wide variety of wounds

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