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Curicyn || Bodyguard Bug Spray || 2 oz

Curicyn || Bodyguard Bug Spray || 2 oz

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Guard your body from pesky bugs!

     Curicyn’s Bodyguard Fly, Flea, Tick and Insect Repellent is easy to use, as well as, 100% non-toxic to humans and all animals. Specifically, it works in its vapor form, as evaporated molecules that the flies, fleas, ticks or insects encounter near or on the animal.

     It is important to realize, that it does not require contact with the insect or fly to be effective. The repellent molecules physically contact olfactory receptors (e.g. on the antennae, palps or feet of the insect), and cause a behavioral change, such as retreating from an area with a high concentration of the repellent vapor. And because it works via the olfactory receptors in the pests, less product is needed on the animal. In fact, Curicyn BodyGuard has been tested by university entomologists and found to be 3X more effective than other leading fly sprays!

     - Deet Free
     - Natural Botanical Based Formula
     - Highly Effective
     - Use on all animals and humans!

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