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BugPellent Gel || 16 OZ

BugPellent Gel || 16 OZ

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     Super easy to apply to delicate places!

     This non-greasy insect repellent gel is perfect for applications around the face and neck, where a repellent spray is not advised. BugPellent Fly & Tick Gel is also useful for spot applications in smaller areas that need a little extra protection (like wrists or behind the ears), or areas on your animal that are hard to cover with a spray (like the belly and legs). Made with natural essential oils and no industrial pesticides, so you can feel free to apply this liberally on yourself, your horses, or your dog. It is not recommended for cats, though.

     - DEET, Alcohol, and Solvent Free
     - Great for Tick Control
     - Natural Ingredients
     - Controls a multitude of flies

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