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Laura's Loft || Neoprene Breeching Pad || 3" x 32"

Laura's Loft || Neoprene Breeching Pad || 3" x 32"

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Soft and flexible foam padding!

     These slim profile 1/2" Cashel foam pads conveniently attach to your harness equipment, providing superior cushioning and rub protection for your horse. Easy to clean and they will not absorb sweat or bacteria and do not collect horse hair the way fleece pads do. Elegant enough to use while showing, you and your horse will love the comfort.

     - Superior Cushioning
     - Reduce Rubbing
     - Easy to Clean
     - Does not collect hair, sweat, or bacteria

Please Note: This breeching pad has seen better days. While it has never been used it is shop worn with unsightly creases. Everything is fully functional with no cracking. The velcro is sturdy and intact.

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