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Braideez Braiding Wire

Braideez Braiding Wire

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   Braideez™ Braiding Wire makes braiding a mane or tail a breeze. The kit includes 25 wires made of soft and flexible plastic-coated copper. With these wires, braids can be shaped with no sewing required. The plastic coating makes them easy to remove without damaging the tail or mane. Because the wires are reusable, this is an economical braiding tool as well.


The Rainbow Party Pack: 50 Wires

White Pack: 25 Wires

Brown Pack: 25 Wires


    • Easy to Use
    • Pack of 25
    • Coated Wire
    • Reusable
    • 32" Long
    • Have any questions? Give us a call at: ‎ ‎ (802) 457-4677  
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