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Rambo Micklem® Breastplate

Rambo Micklem® Breastplate

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Designed from the inside out, the Micklem way!!

     The Rambo Micklem® Breastplate is a stunning ergonomically designed 3-point elasticated leather breastplate offering the very best in comfort and safety whether showjumping or out on the cross-country field. Our designers chose to work with the 3-point breastplate template to allow your horse greater freedom of movement around the shoulder while jumping, but giving this basic design a serious upgrade with numerous adjustable safety and comfort details that you and your horse will love.

    The Rambo Micklem® Breastplate is styled in quality leather incorporating tough elasticated sections. We've added maximum adjustment options on the sides of the neck, an underbelly strap and detachable martingale attachment to create a snug, reliable and tailored fit when in use. An extra (removable) safety strap clips across your horse's withers for you to hold, whether exercising fresh, young or exuberant jumpers, or for more novice riders to help improve balance. Top clips attach to the D-rings of your saddle, but we have also included attachments for the stirrup bars, which offer a safer and more secure attachment point without the risk of damaging your saddle.

     - Ergonomic Design
     - High Quality Leather
     - Removable Safety Strap
     - Elastic 3 Point Breastplate


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