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Tear Mender || Horse Blanket Repair Kit

Tear Mender || Horse Blanket Repair Kit

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"Like a Sewing Kit in a Bottle!"

    The Tear Mender Horse Blanket Repair Kit permanently repairs rips, tears, or holes in any porous fabric in as little as 3 minutes. This amazing adhesive essentially eliminates the need for a needle and thread! Perfect for all types of fabric for indoor or outdoor use!

     This product not only can repair blankets but also boots, tack, riding apparel, Demin, and more! Bonds are permanent and stays flexible! A single 2 oz bottle can mend up to 50 repairs! With in minutes your repaired items are wearable and washable!

     Comes with Hunter Green and Navy fabric squares.

     - Fast Drying: Wear in 3 minutes, Wash in 15 minutes
     - Made in the USA
     - Waterproof and UV Resistant
     - Easy to apply: No Heat, ironing, or solvent required
     - Non Toxic
     - Store at room temp once opened
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