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Bitless Bridle

Bitless Bridle

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Go bitless!

     This bitless bridle features a cross under style that relies on pressure points for control of your horse. This bridle can be a great option for horses that have mouth issues, or who won't tolerate a metal bit. While not legal for most shows, bitless bridles are a great option for schooling, training or trail rides. Includes web reins with hand stops.

     The Cross-under bitless style applies gentle and painless pressure evenly distributed around the horse's head, preventing pain and discomfort. This bridle is great if you have a horse with a sensitive mouth, or who won't tolerate a metal bit.

     - Cross Under Style
     - Genuine Leather
     - Matching Web Reins Included
     - Raised Leather Style

IN STOCK: Cob Size 

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Available in: Pony, Cob, Horse
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