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Bandage / Stall Bag Hanger

Bandage / Stall Bag Hanger

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Who doesn't love good organizers?!

    Organizes polo wraps, no-bow wraps, standing wraps and more. Features two large compartments that help keep your polo wraps in order and separates the other wraps. Handy shell pocket holds spurs, hoof pick and brushes. Nylon rope makes it easy to hang. Lays flat against the stall or barn wall for a tidy appearance. Large flap-over cover helps keep dust and debris off of soft fiber polo wraps and cotton bandages.

     - Flap to Cover Bag
     - Bandage Pockets
     - Sturdy Shelf 
     - Easy to Hang

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    • Have any questions? Give us a call at: ‎ ‎ (802) 457-4677  
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