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Black Oak || Juniper Dressage Bridle with Flash

Black Oak || Juniper Dressage Bridle with Flash

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A traditional dressage bridle with a flash!

     The Black Oak Juniper Dressage bridle is perfect for the Dressage rider who prefers a classical cavesson noseband. The Juniper features a 1 1/4″ padded round raised flash noseband, a 3/4″ matching browband, 5/8″ cheek pieces, and a soft padded threaded headstall. Comes complete with 3/4″ Dressage Reins. All hardware is stainless steel, with buckle ends. This bridle is made in the finest drum-dyed leather.

     - Raised Noseband with Flash
     - 5/8" Cheek Pieces
     - Matching Browband
     - Stainless Steel Hardware

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