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Arma || Carbon SupaFleece Fetlock Boots

Arma || Carbon SupaFleece Fetlock Boots

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A great boot with soft fleece lining!

   Shock absorbing, open fronted boots that offer protection in the most vulnerable areas while still allowing the horse to feel their way. Triple impact support system. Details: strong TPU outer, resistant to dirt and abrasion, honeycomb foam center absorbs impact, technical lining to wick away moisture. Luxurious SupaFleece lining combines all the benefits of sheepskin in an easy-care fabric. By increasing airflow, wicking away moisture and offering superior cushioning, it all adds up to ultimate comfort for the horse.

     - Shock Absorbing
     - Strong TPU Outer
     - Resistant to Dirt and Abrasions
     - Luxurious Supafleece Lining

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