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Aquarius Padded Bridle With Flash || Horse Size

Aquarius Padded Bridle With Flash || Horse Size

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Simple Yet Stunning!

    This stunning snaffle bridle from Passier is a popular choice with the most stylish of riders! This flat hook stud style snaffle, with a regular cavesson and flash from Passier is extremely horse friendly. The snaffle - made of the finest Passier quality bridle leather - boasts a softly padded headpiece, with the cavesson headpiece attached to the bridle headpiece. As a result, the snaffle lies comfortably behind the horse's ears putting less pressure on the sensitive area around the poll. And because the cavesson cheek pieces can be buckled on both sides, the snaffle can be perfectly fitted. The Aquarius Snaffle Bridle with its sleek, padded browband offers high quality that is kind to the horse. Also comes with the Passier Eventa Reins

     - Tradition Flat Leather
     - Lightly Padded
     - Comfort Padded Crown Piece
     - Dual Adjustable Cheek Pieces

IN STOCK: Horse Size || Black

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