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Laura's Loft || Amigo® FlyRider || Navy ONLY

Laura's Loft || Amigo® FlyRider || Navy ONLY

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Keep the bugs off while you ride...everywhere!

    This fly sheet is high-quality horse equipment designed to protect your horse from flies and insects during hot summer months. Made from durable and breathable fabric, this fly rug is lightweight and comfortable for your horse to wear.

     The navy and silver color combination gives the rug a stylish and modern look, ensuring your horse looks great while staying protected. The rug features a full neck design, providing complete coverage and reducing the risk of fly bites on your horse's sensitive neck area.

     With its UV protection, this fly rug helps shield your horse's skin from harmful sun rays, preventing sunburn and reducing the risk of coat fading. It also features a silky shoulder lining to prevent any rubbing or chafing on your horse's sensitive shoulder area.

     Great for trail riding!

     - UV Protection
     - Full Neck Coverage
     - Tail Coverage
     - Light Weight and Breathable

IN STOCK: Navy Blue, Size Small ONLY. This is a close out color.

Need a different color or size?
Available in: Fluorescent Yellow, Sizes Small- X Large
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