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Amigo® 3-in-1 CamoFly Fly Sheet

Amigo® 3-in-1 CamoFly Fly Sheet

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Functional inspiration taken from mother nature!

     This one of a kind fly sheet incorporates a unique camouflage print within its lightweight, UV-protective and innovative design to elevate fly busting to a brand new level!

     Wild zebra coat markings are a natural biting fly deterrent so Horseware created a pattern to camouflage your horse from irritating bugs and flies. Research suggests that the zebra pattern confuses flies, causing them not to land as the flies perceive the zebras to be in motion, or it may be due to the patterns creating an illusion of a shape flies aren't instinctually meant to land on.

     Either way it works! So is created the unique bespoke monochromatic design that pays homage to this principle! With layered black lines on a grey background it creates the same optical illusion to the horse's shape. The insects struggle to identify your horse as a target and cannot figure out where to land - confusing for flies, but offering clarity on a brilliant fly sheet choice for you! Bonus points for the safety orange trim that can keep your horse visible even when way out to pasture!

     The Horseware Amigo® 3-in-1 CamoFly Fly Sheet embraces a breathable hybrid construction combining a lightweight, waterproof top section and breathable mesh sides. Created to keep your horse dry, cool and protected, it's the perfect choice for wet spring and fall weather when temperatures are cooler but flies are still a nuisance.

    A detachable hood offers continued protection, and the disc front closure, deep cut, shine-enhancing shoulder, mane and tail lining pay further attention to your horse's comfort and the wipe clean tail cord gives an easy clean. This stylish fly sheet is a fantastic addition to your horse's wardrobe in your battle against flies and biting insects.

     - Mother Nature PROVEN Fly Deterring Pattern
     - Waterproof With Breathable Mesh Sides
     - Detachable Hood
     - Easy Front Disc Closure
     - Deep Cut Shoulder
     - Shine Enhancing Lining

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